Candle : Cloudy Day
Candle : Cloudy Day
Candle : Cloudy Day

Candle : Cloudy Day

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A little light on a rainy day. Handmade cloudy day tumbler filled with unscented organic soy wax. 

Once you candle is burned down, tumbler can be cleaned and repurposed for drinks, snacks, pens, pencils, M&Ms.

the tumbler is made from brown stoneware with masked glossy clouds and velvety black newsprint transfer raindrops. exterior is bare clay (except for the clouds) interior is a translucent glossy "white". 

approximately 3" dia x 3" tall

dishwasher + microwave safe 

handwashing is ideal...every little bit of extra care helps extend the life of your piece

available to be shipped within 3-5 days of ordering, delivery is available in the Richmond area, porch pick-up is an option as well with a little coordination :)